My name is Nathan Thurston and I am a percussionist, composer, teacher and recording engineer.  I have played and studied percussion for over 22 years and I majored and trained in the percussion program at Mansfield University for 2 years.  I have been teaching percussion for just over 10 years and have taught all different kinds and ages of students.
   I grew up listening to my dad play in bands and got to listen to all of the various songs and albums go from conception to recording. As a result, we always had some type of small recording equipment around the house that I learned to use.  When I was 16 my dad and I decided it was time to make a real studio out of the equipment he had collected over the years.
   From that point on I started learning how to use various DAW software and all the ins and outs of recording. I developed a passion for the idea of capturing music and bringing it to people. I have worked with all types of artists over the years, from solo acoustic artists who wanted a full band sound, bands that wanted a pro studio sound, to a full orchestra.
I am passionate about percussion and producing quality music.
Quality Mix Studio provides:
Percussion lessons
Mixing services
Composition services.

Nate Thurston