Mixing services are provided for your prerecorded tracks.

    This is perfect if you have recorded your own tracks but aren't quite sure how to get them sounding the way you want. Or perhaps you have recorded your tracks at a professional studio but didn't want to pay the rate for mixing and mastering.
    I have been mixing for over 12 years and have experience mixing all types of different music. The benefit of choosing Quality Mix Studio for your mixes is not only the great sound, but also the flexibility of working with a personal in-home studio.

    I mix using Harrison Mixbus.

Harrison Mixbus

    I use this DAW for several reasons, the primary being the way it sounds.  It also provides me the tools I need in order to get a great sounding mix in very little time.  I also use Ardour 3 and Cakewalk Sonar Producer 8.5 when needed.
     At any point of mixing the artist can ask questions and learn about the processes and tools used in mixing their music.
        Mixing requests can be handled personally on hard mediums such as CDs and jumpdrives, or soft mediums such as Google Drive or Dropbox.