Percussion Lessons

As a musician, my primary area of study for over 18 years has been percussion. For over 5 years I have been teaching students whose ages have ranged from 5 to 60.  As a teacher, my goal is to provide the best instruction for each individual student. I am very aware that each student learns differently and I have been tailoring unique lesson plans for students for my entire career as an instructor.

What I teach:

    Drum set
Many various techniques and styles of drumming.  If there is a style that I'm not familiar with, I will either learn it and then teach it, or recommend another teacher.

    Snare drum
Solos, rudiments, traditional and matched grip, advanced concert and intermediate marching.  

    Music Theory
Central to all percussion lessons are learning how to read and write music.

    Hand drumming
Techniques for djembes, bongos and congas.